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Classical Chinese and vernacular Chinese

Classical Chinese and vernacular Chinese

Monday,Sep 25, 2023
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I love sunshine
Posted:Aug 15, 2022        Views:236        Back to List
If the atmosphere of the examination is not strong at the end of the near future then the students are another  People like Liu Yawei are really stupid at ordinary times What they say is boring They say the same words when they open their mouths He does say different words but they all sound like one word But then again he is really great at traveling! Along the Yangtze River he Stainless Steel Shower Tray traveled all over Nanjing Jiujiang Yichang the Three Gorges Fengdu Chongqing and Yibin He also traveled all the way north from the Beijing-Shanghai line to Yangzhou Xuzhou Tianjin and Beijing Then he went north to Chengde Shenyang and Harbin all the way to remote villages that we had never heard of;

When he talks about the Kuan Kung Temple the Baidi City the ancient battlefield in Xuzhou and the summer resort in Chengde he is so happy and eloquent that we forget which fool we are listening to He also tells us how a person is robbed on the road how to make careful calculations and how to live without this or that He is the best Self-closing Shower Valve person I know who uses credit cards; He seems to be planning to sweep along the Yellow River this summer vacation-alas Jinan Kaifeng Zhengzhou Luoyang I'm so unlucky that I can't even think about these places Therefore I admire Liu Yawei for this

Zhao Ou who has extraordinary energy is going to take the CET-10 piano performance exam this summer and seems to be preparing for the TOEFL exam Liang Shouqian's schedule of making up lessons in the morning noon and evening is already watertight Fan Bin said to himself "I'm going to waste my precious youth in the game room"-silly words thanks to what he said he was so silly that he probably thought he was so humorous I'm the only one who has nothing to do I just hope Wang Haiyan of Laoshizi doesn't come to me and leave me alone-I have 
Stainless Steel Squatting Pan to find a place to avoid her I was so afraid of her that I couldn't believe it She cared about me so much that she could never eat me but I would rather she had the heart to eat me Fan Bin was dangling in front of the platform holding a biology book in his left hand and shaking a fan in 

"But I don't have such unfortunate manners Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo and I feel tired when I see him" "Come on" he ran over and put all his weight on my desk wrinkling the corners of my book and sure enough "did you add chemistry" I hate his intimate tone as if I have a bad relationship with him for eight lifetimes He was so close that I could see the vegetable leaves between his teeth clearly It was disgusting I was not in the mood to pay attention to him and he was not angry but asked more closely Isn't it Isn't that right I'm mad-I'll tell you what I'm mad There is such a kind of person his good temper good patience not pleasant but annoying Fan Bin is such a typical example As soon as I was angry I opened my mouth and said

"Don't always ask me" You'd better ask your leggy sister He had the nerve to say "My long-legged sister is you" I don't want to hit him However after saying this he unexpectedly left I'm relieved My deskmate Dong Zhiwei leaned against my ear and whispered "Why do you stimulate him like that" I laughed to death-it was he who stimulated me Don't talk to him about your long-legged sister in the future Dong Zhiwei went on Why Can't you mention it Don't you think he doesn't like it He doesn't have a leggy sister "That girl" Dong Zhiwei smiled and answered "Will that girl like him" The girl doesn't know him at all Last time she came for Mr Zhang and asked him to go to the teacher's office to talk I looked at Dong Zhiwei in surprise and then Stainless Steel Toilet China looked at Fan Bin who walked past I never knew Fan Bin was such an awkward bastard-no wonder he pestered me in vain and I deserved it

When I think about it my eyes are full of people who are far away from me Maybe the person who accused me of cheating is Dong Zhiwei! How do I know what's going on with him He's a million miles away from me How do I know him But how does he know about me I can't make head or tail of what people think of me I turned around and looked at Dong Zhiwei-yes he was sitting in the front row of me in junior high school and now he is my deskmate I thought I was no longer familiar with him I used to laugh at his two huge faraway front teeth However it suddenly occurred to me in horror that perhaps his two front teeth were faked at all Zhao Ou in the front rows she can play the piano and she is also very good at learning But how am I to know that she has no terrible secret