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Classical Chinese and vernacular Chinese

Classical Chinese and vernacular Chinese

Monday,Sep 25, 2023
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It's also black to break off the
Posted:Aug 15, 2022        Views:269        Back to List
Xia Qiu didn't do much to take care of it but followed Mama Li Otherwise the air pressure in the room is a little low Yo what's going on Why are you still busy in the middle of the night He gently put the supper on the table Lin Lang have you ever found anything wrong when you went out these days "Well I just feel like there's always a pair of eyes staring at me but not the kind that worships stars" This matter before told Awang I think Xu Xushan also know the reason for asking is absolutely what Xu Xushan found Apart from going to the push button toilet flush valve studio these days don't go out

Xia Qiu took the ice bag and put it on his face Xu Xushan glanced at it and did not say anything Instead he made an invitation to Xia Linglong Xia Linglong wanted to refuse but when he saw Zheng Qiu running around Xia Qiu and asking questions he was so angry that Urinal Manual Flush Valve he agreed to Xu Xushan's invitation Can wait on the car but some of her return Xu Xushan in order to maintain a gentleman's demeanor did not force Xia Linglong but sent her back to Xia Fu On the way back I saw director Zheng Qiuda taking Xia Qiu to a teahouse Chapter 1293 of the main text The woman who smokes and flatters (21) The teahouse was very quiet and Zheng Qiu asked Xia Qiu with a slightly red face Xia Qiu is in a daze with some hidden bitterness After Zheng Qiu called several times Xia Qiu was embarrassed to say "I'm sorry Director Zheng I'm a little tired!"

I'm sorry Lin Lang I I I just want to ask you what you think of the shooting these days Do you still feel satisfied Zheng Qiu's momentary loss was replaced by nervousness and he himself did not find it but his eyes were shining and staring at Xia Qiu's delicate face Manual Flush Valve some breathing was tight Director Zheng you have to have confidence in yourself Whether Lin Lang can set off a storm here depends on you I hope you will make persistent efforts and take care of me in the future Said these seemingly encouraging but there is no substantive thing Xia Qiu as early as Xu Xushan's people close to sitting behind them when they found of course before this there is a wave of people should belong to Xia Linglong Lin Lang you can rest assured that I will continue to work hard and will not let you and Mr Xu down Lin Lang in fact I want to tell you "Well it couldn't be better"

It's getting late and you have to shoot tomorrow You'd better go back and have a rest early Xia Qiu put down the teacup since all that should be said has been said there are some things that can Time Delay Faucet not be said now Even if Zheng Qiu wanted to say it he couldn't Lin Lang that me me Then I'll go back first Very not easy to pluck up the courage to say but was Lin Lang a tired to beat down 

Why are you back so early sir Didn't you drink coffee with the daughter of the Xia family "How could I have known that the little thing I raised was mixed up with that poor scholar" Giggling laughter rang out Xia Qiu looked at Xu Xushan with deep eyes Then he turned his head and said "I'm working for you not in romance What kind of jealousy do you eat I said it I should be jealous" Xia Qiu put a mistress Service Sink Faucets should be jealous and unwilling a word of kung fu beep mouth twist handkerchief show incisively and vividly but do not let Xu Xushan disgust but also let him from where Xia Linglong lost the loss to the moment back Didn't I tell you not to have too much contact with that poor scholar Why did you do it again today It's rare that Xu Xushan's mood changes from cloudy to sunny Maybe it's because he can't get it Maybe it's because of Xia Qiu In short Xu Xushan was in Xia Qiu's house this night Lin Lang what do women like Do you want to send your sweetheart to please you The Xia family has more wealth than you

What's so good about that actor Why can't you see me in your eyes Why do you want to push me to that hoodlum also do not look at him that person devil kind of thing also deserve and I raise the status of the talk 。