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Classical Chinese and vernacular Chinese

Classical Chinese and vernacular Chinese

Monday,Sep 25, 2023
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Posted:Aug 15, 2022        Views:275        Back to List
"You want to eat" The heart lowers the head to chew slowly from the outside world a lot of malicious stare from the eyes of the heart turn a blind eye but from Lin Xuanjing there seems to be salivating "After eating two wontons Xiao Feixin decided to straighten it out" It feels good Lin Xuanjing coughed unnaturally pulled out all kinds of sincere smiles and said to Xiao Feixin the Flushometer valve gentle and spoiled breath from inside to outside let a group of covetous women hold their hearts and go in

It was horrible It was really horrible Flush Retrofit Kit Whoo why did the Secretary General ask for sick leave today It's really terrible to face the company's big BOSS directly Oh Here we go again People who don't know the situation may think that the moonlight has any intention to pick the gender alone but Xiao Feixin knows that once the moonlight directly killed the female gang leader of a small gang

[Xianxia] challenged the world went straight to Huanglong and made a clean shot To say why the moonlight does this Xiao Fei Xin does not know but Xiao Fei Xin has always been a very protective person as long as the moonlight likes Xiao Fei Xin 
Self-closing Faucet which is in charge of other people's lives "Fei Xin do you think I should recruit her into our gang" Moonlight Mimi smiles and there is another female member in the gang which is really great Xiao Kui's heart is noncommittal The moonlight likes that solicits If it's not good kill it With the acquiescence of Xiao Feixin the moonlight cheered "Feixin you are so good that I like you best!"

Anyone can say sweet words and the moonlight is particularly smooth to the heart of the night Xiao Fei Xin smiled slightly At this time there was movement on the door Xiao Fei Xin raised his eyes and aimed at the door Get up so early Lin Xuanjing frowned slightly not feeling that 920 in the morning was not early for many people Xiao Fei heart is already finished to solve a matter of course Xiao Fei heart will not deliberately find nagging of course will not say more And some things are happier if you don't know than if you know Xiao Fei had no intention of taking Lin Xuanjing into that circle as long as Lin Xuanjing stood safely in the sunshine and smiled Mmm Xiao Xiaoxin nodded "I can't sleep" Xiao Fei Xin is telling the truth even if every day is guarded by Lin Xuanjing to go to bed early after Lin Xuanjing quietly out of the house to leave Xiao Fei Xin will open Concealed Flush Valve his eyes turn over and get up The night is really not sleepy but also do not want Lin Xuanjing very late every day to go home On the first day Lin Xuanjing accompanied Xiao Feixin until three o'clock in the morning On the second day Xiao Feixin took the initiative to lie in bed at eleven o'clock in the evening closed her eyes and pretended to sleep You should rest more

It looks too thin Lin Xuanjing rubbed the soft and lustrous hair of the night's heart and did not know when to start Lin Xuanjing liked this action I brought you breakfast and I have a class later so I won't accompany you Mmm Xiao Kuixin nodded stopped talking and looked straight at Lin Xuanjing Lin Xuanjing put breakfast on the table "don't look at me all the time put down the game first come and eat quickly" OK Then he got up and sat down at the table Lin Xuanjing went to the kitchen and took a bowl of porridge and put it in front of Xiao Feixin Chopsticks were handed to Xiao Feixin "Eat quickly I'll go first There's only one class today Lunch will be done when I come back" Still not at ease exhorted a sentence see Xiao Fei heart obediently nodded Lin Xuanjing this just leaned over to give Xiao Fei heart a forehead kiss grabbed the key on the table to leave Xiao Fei heart's home When Xiao Feixin returned to the game in fact it was only ten or twenty minutes and the gang was another scene Candlelight and Moonlight Hurry up! Come out and welcome the new members