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Classical Chinese and vernacular Chinese

Classical Chinese and vernacular Chinese

Monday,Sep 25, 2023
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Our News
Quickly wear xt: villain boss attack!
Posted:Aug 15, 2022        Views:282        Back to List
Before for the sake of supplies she was simply not a person but now she can't say anything Tiya had nothing to say The clown couldn't even keep smiling He looked a little violent Mingshu hurried to stay away from him Protect snacks from perverts As they spoke the fight was over and the two members of the food empire who had run from nowhere were standing on the opposite roof looking a stainless steel toilet little embarrassed but not missing an arm or a leg One of the big bugs below is dead and the other is dying The rest of the players are almost dead and those who can run have run away Can't run Mingshu's eyes suddenly widened She didn't even think about it She just jumped off the top Since she came to this world she not only has nothing to eat but also performs jumping off buildings every day Stop it! Mingshu landed and ran over there Can you step on the horse and let go of my snack coupon!

Fu Shen's roaring voice came from over there He walked a few steps from there and grabbed Mingshu's arm His face showed a stainless steel squatting pan kind of rage "Do you want to die so much" The sound of the deduction of points in the system of Fu Shen's brain made him calm down a little Mingshu raised his hand to wipe the blood from the bullet and smiled "If you don't kill her I won't rush up" The rage on Fu Shen's face faded in an instant and his face was expressionless and his eyes were contemptuous "You had a bad relationship with her before and now you're pretending to be a good person" "A bad relationship doesn't mean I want her dead" Mingshu's tone is gentle "There is a word that is not called" Love begets hate Fu Shen Love begets hate Did I hear you right She and this Du Mian Do you know what gender you are What was his mission again Fu Shen took a good look back and made sure that he was right about the task But this is a Lily on the horse and this is to ask me to break the Lily straight

Is MMP serious "Don't pretend to be kind" Du Mian also stood up alert and alert staring at Mingshu Fu Shen "you want to kill me now here to say these words do not feel ridiculous" Mingshu smiled "I am the last person in the world who wants you to die" Du Mian "…" I believed in your evil Fu Shen "" Snake spirit disease! Nine little strategy object total task object love each other how to do online and so on very urgent # Ask for a ticket for Longxu Noodle Flavor # Just ask if you have a monthly ticket! Hurry to vote for T ^ T for the Spring Festival Please take care of the empty nest fairy Chapter 635 Jedi Survival (17) Fu Shen wanted to kill Du Mian but Mingshu forbade him to kill him They almost fought Finally Fu Shen compromised "If I don't kill her you can promise me one thing Time Delay Tap " "If I have to go to a five-star city to do a task it's out of the question" "Oh" Fu Shen smiled contemptuously and his expressionless face suddenly became vivid and his face seemed to rise to another height but he quickly pressed down "a life for a life take you for a life I can let her go" "Why don't you ride the wind and soar to ninety thousand miles" I am the body of ten thousand gold Time Delay Tap is it what you can say you want With a straight face Fu Shen said lightly "That's exactly what I mean" How interesting! The leprechaun has evolved so shamelessly that I admire him very much Let's fight Mingshu simply and crudely lifted his sleeve "Whoever wins will have meat buns" We don't beep we just do it Fu Shen "" Du · Meat Steamed Bun · Mian "… …" "You are no match for me" Fu Shen said "Now that you know about the five-star city you know where I come from If you fight with me you will only lose"

” "How do you know I'll lose if I haven't fought Cut the crap Will you fight or not" MMP hit a hairball! If he fights with her what will he do next Fu Shen's line of sight lingered twice on Mingshu and Du Mian and finally stainless steel shower tray lowered his eyes and turned away I can't afford to hide What was said just now How interesting Did I say that No! I didn't say anything! Mingshu "… …" I took my pants off and you left! What about the Fried Mao Xiaogongju! It's a public persona Hey! "You" Du Mian bit his lip and stepped back two steps Don't worry I won't kill you if I don't kill you I'm reasonable Mingshu smiled and patted Du Mian on the shoulder "Live well baby Don't die I can save you this time but not next time I will be very distressed if you die" If you die the snack voucher will be gone You can't die! Mingshu in Du Mian's confused line of sight Shi Shiran left

"No" The clown blinked "Do I sing well" He avoided the question of Mingshu Mingshu didn't care "What does this song mean" He asked "Hee hee I don't know" “……” I didn't know you sang so hard "It sounds terrible" Clown ——。