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Classical Chinese and vernacular Chinese

Classical Chinese and vernacular Chinese

Monday,Sep 25, 2023
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A great biography of Dong Zhuo of the
Posted:Aug 15, 2022        Views:278        Back to List
Zhang Liao in front of a succession of success behind coppage also unwilling to be outdone in a moment coppage also beheaded several Cao Cao army will and the rear shout ShaSheng obviously Zhang he and Xiahou dun troops have been chased according to the military conventions if the troops are likely to be surrounded the preferred tactics is to concentrate on one side of the breakout but the black cavalry partial not coppage roar at top of voice unexpectedly led from the army to meet In the strength of this is not as good as the enemy 14 needle valve also divided his forces to resist the enemy Zhang he and Xiahou dun shocked had to fight with coppage army coppage shake spirit unexpectedly hold Zhang he and Xiahou dun to the back of Zhang Liao for precious time Not to mention coppage force war Zhang he Xiahou dun two will said Zhang Liao led hundreds of riding in the army chasing Cao Cao Cao Cao was crazy Zhang Liao chase cornered hurriedly ask urgent call "who will save the orphan"

ZhongJun big account cut ShuaiQi beheaded nine kill more than two thousand Cao Caojun chaotic trample on each other to death to countless injuries we can see the speed of the black cavalry Until the black cavalry disappeared in the distance stunned Cao Cao army to wake up but again sent troops obviously too late even the west cool fighters can't catch up with the speed of the world's first black cavalry on the ground not to mention the lack of horses Cao Cao army 
ball valve manufacturer Black cavalry quickly along the way back to the gate of LiYang Cao Cao sent to sneak attack coss and Cao Hong troops just started to siege Zhang Liao and coppage shaking spirit two road into Cao Cao after the army again will be the same unprepared Cao Hong coss kill chaos Dong Zhuojun seize the opportunity to fight in the city both inside and outside Cao Tsao army defeat coss and Cao Hong two brothers troops nearly half of the damage Helplessly fled back to the Cao camp in front of the black cavalry crazy speed Cao Cao army attack liyang city of good plan and become a pie in the sky

The next morning fly into a rage of Cao Cao led the army to attack LiYang seventy thousand troops will LiYang city surrounded by iron barrels four sides together against but has always been afraid of death of Dong Zhuojun Jizhou commander in chief Dong Chong in order to keep his life in Yecheng debauchery usually mobilized a lot of manpower and material resources to build Yecheng 38 needle valve barrier LiYang city fortifications not only deep trench Wall also added a lot of high the walls of the antlers Cao Cao army ladder is difficult to front plus know their incompetent Dong Chong dare to delegate power thirty thousand troops and enough to use two months of food to Zhang Liao coppage even hum not hum a sound also never interfere with Zhang Liao and coppage army command gave two members are able to independent general great play space

By solid fortifications abundant supplies and high morale Zhang Liao and coppage calm command troops beat back the Cao Cao army for several days of siege Cao Cao hands although also have gunpowder but don't know nitrate purification method and accurate formula power is very small can't to Dong zhuojun so can blow up the gate after six days of siege Cao Caojun paid a heavy price just filled the moat outside the city of Liyang far from breaking through the city On the morning of the seventh day of the siege Cao Cao did not send troops to attack the city but consulted with Guo Jia But Guo Jia had already left the camp to investigate the enemy's situation When Guo Jia finally came back Cao Cao said to Guo Jia with a sad face "Filial piety I didn't expect this small city of Liyang to be so difficult to deal with After six days of attack it did not move Our army did not have much provisions They dragged it down again" I'm afraid the situation is not good Cao Cao understand that now the situation is urgent now Cao caojun and Liu beijun is to do their best and Dong zhuojun didn't give all not only the four legions in Yongzhou legion and Jingzhou legion didn't go out even Jizhou legion and Jiangnan legion didn't give all even the second-line troops didn't mobilize Cao caojun if can't seize the last chance to seize Jizhou To gain strategic space when Dong Zhuo's army went all out Cao Cao's army and Liu Bei's army would be crushed to pieces