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Classical Chinese and vernacular Chinese

Classical Chinese and vernacular Chinese

Monday,Sep 25, 2023
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Xianjue (Shisan)
Posted:Aug 15, 2022        Views:271        Back to List
Otherwise there will be no Zhan Yulong at all Wuluo's calmness was rampant but Laohei smelled a breath of opportunity! The power of the old black is sealed but the vision and sense of smell are still keen The reason why he sank can be said to be "not the fault of war" As the saying goes "When the time comes the heaven and the earth will work together and the hero will not sink down from the black which has a lot to do with the bad luck" Therefore as soon as Wu Luo arrived at the Jade Iron Forest Farm others thought that it was luck that he could stainless steel needle valve find the piece of cloud copper on the first day but Lao Hei thought that luck was also part of his strength

If you want to get these two materials I'm afraid Lao Hei has to use the money he's saved over the years Old black did not feel distressed but some expectations Because of these two materials people in the whole fairy world know that they are the necessary materials for making the immortal pattern the immortal soldier and the elixir These three skills are called "Three Charms of Heaven" in the fairy world It means wonderful workmanship As for other materials Lao Hei could not hydraulic fitting supplier see what they were used for so he could not judge whether Wuluo was preparing to make Fu Yun Xian Wen or Fu Core Xian Bing or Fu Ling Xian Dan However no matter what kind will let the old black earn a lot of money if Wuluo can practice to a higher level in the future with Wuluo a comeback is not a fantasy! However Wu Luo is not fooling himself right Sanfu Tiangong is extremely profound First of all he must be a talisman

The talisman is extremely noble Can a noble talisman really be born in his shabby Yutie Forest Farm Old black suddenly worried about gains and losses some can not believe But if it is true this afternoon y yòuhuò is too huge! Lao Hei walked out slowly with the jade board in his pocket In his heart The waves rise and fall but the face shows a school of thought hydraulic fitting manufacturer A calm look But in fact the old black has unconsciously sent out his strong momentum he walked slowly but like an ancient beast steady and unstoppable even if there is a mountain in front of him will not let him change the direction of travel As soon as the unfortunate Li Heng came back he saw Lao Hei coming out of it Old black strong momentum like a magnet Li Heng was locked by this momentum unexpectedly is unable to move! Old black is purely unintentional slowly walked past Li Heng was knocked out thousands of feet severely fell on a huge stone forest and then slid down along the stone forest leaving a striking bright red mark on the stone forest! All the people were so frightened that they shivered and hurried to make way for Lao Hei Lao Hei almost instinctively returned to his stone house At this time Lao Hei suddenly wanted to have a friend to discuss with him Unfortunately he looked around and found that the stone house was empty This kind of desolate let the old black stay suddenly made up his mind "Spell!"! People die u。 Toward the sky! If you succeed you will rise in the world If you fail it's better than dying in this place! Black got lucky this time Ray My task was not completed smoothly and I was delayed for a few more days and I never came to Yutie Forest Farm

When he was promoted to the eighth grade he was very successful Laohei gave him a fixed supply of resources every month If he had special needs he could go to Laohei to apply again This day to receive training resources generally this day Lao Hei will be specially in the room waiting for him but today Lao Hei is not! For the first time in three years Lao Hei didn't wait for him Zhan Yulong frowned vaguely felt what he went out to find a supervisor to ask then went straight to Wuluo's residence! Chapter 379 latent crisis (I) What about the mortal body What can I do if I can't practice the magic formula As long as Wuluo can refine the magic core immortal soldier the whole immortal world all the top immortals will come to recruit him at all costs If Wuluo can refine more than six grades of amulet immortal soldiers in the future he can become the most noble worshiping elder in any immortal clan! Even if Yifang Xianzun saw him he would be polite Laohei suppressed the horror in his heart and more carefully put the amulet immortal soldier into his own storage space and then quietly left Wuluo's position in his heart is infinitely elevated Wuluo slept until noon the next day