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Classical Chinese and vernacular Chinese

Classical Chinese and vernacular Chinese

Monday,Sep 25, 2023
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Classical Chinese and vernacular Chinese
Posted:Aug 15, 2022        Views:268        Back to List
 The statement forms a dual subject to some conditions There are rough and fine antitheses Rough means that there are few conditions to be satisfied; fine means that there are many conditions to be satisfied Let's start with the rough or low requirements There are two conditions One belongs to the aspect of meaning which is that the meaning of two words (or two words) is different individuals stainless steel hydraulic fitting in the same class For example "mountain" and "tree" "fly" and "look" "poor" and "rich" can all be classified into the same category expressed in grammatical terms which belong to nouns verbs and adjectives respectively "Shan" cannot be opposite to "Shan" and "Fu" cannot be opposite to "Fu" except for empty words such as "Zhi" "Er" and "Yi" which can be used together for two opposite sides (except for regulated poems and couplets where empty words are not allowed to be used together) The other condition in terms of sound is that the number of words in the western part of the antithesis is equal that is the number of syllables is equal For example "yuan" can be used for "Ze" but "Furong" can not be used for "Liu"

The reason why this requirement can be put forward and is not difficult to meet is that Chinese has the characteristics of one word representing one syllable and the vast majority of classical Chinese words are monosyllabic; if the syllables of words are not symmetrical it is difficult to meet this requirement The same meaning and the same 12 needle valve number of syllables are low requirements Early roughly pre-Qin Han or later because this writing is generally not intended so the formation of most of the dual can not meet this low requirement Such as (1) Those who get the right way have much support while those who lose the right way have little support (Mencius Gongsun Chou II) (2) When the superior man walks on the road he is happy to forget his worries; when the inferior man is full of body he says (pleases) to forget his sins (Yang Yun's Letter to Sun Huizong) (3) Outside there is no strong and close relative and inside there is no one who is five feet away from the door (Li Mi's Petition Table) Examples (1) and (2) both use the same word Example (3) Not only the same word is used but also the general meaning of "Qi Gong Qiang Jin" and "Ying Men Wu Chi" is relative not the meaning of each word Sometimes it can be worse Such as (4) The blue is taken from the blue and the blue is taken from the blue; the ice is made from water and the ice is made from water (Xun Zi · Encouraging Learning) (5)

needle valve manufacturer also has a characteristic that it is used in the loose body and is in a subsidiary position Such as (8) I have heard that those who are perfect will prosper and those who are imperfect will perish Shun did not have a place to set up a cone to have the world Yu did not have ten households to gather with the king's princes Tang Wu's land was no more than a hundred Li and those who did not break the light of the three lights and did not hurt the hearts of the people had Wang Shu Therefore the way of father and son 

(Biography of Xie Lingyun in the Book of Song Dynasty) Therefore it is inevitable that sometimes it is right and sometimes it is not right In the Qi and Liang Dynasties of the Southern Dynasties the situation was different Inspired by the Sanskrit Pinyin in Buddhist scriptures Shen Yue and others created four tones and eight diseases Since then the requirements for the coordination of tonal patterns and their theoretical basis have become more and more obvious and the antithesis has been carefully crafted Meticulous refinement is an attempt to satisfy both the conditions of meaning and sound However the binding force of these two conditions is different in terms of meaning it is "best" to belong to the same subcategory that is to say it is also possible not to do so; in terms of sound the difference in tonal patterns is "necessary" otherwise it is against the rules and regulations